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Board & Directors

Daniele Arcamone
Lizzie Benton
Laurie Buss
Mun-Wai Chung
Grant Falconer
Kerstin Lobner
Carol McEwan
Robin Noronha
Miriam Schwarz

Our History

2016 & 2017

Consortium Formed in VA 2016, Site Visits 1 Report 1


Blogs: 5 Site Visits: 1 Reports 2


Site Visits: 2 Reports 2


Chair: Bret Borota Site Visits: 1 Reports: 1


Chair: Bret Borota Chair: Miriam Schwarz Site Visits: Volva Cars & Ericsson


NBS Group Formed Digital-age management Drucker Forum - Vienna WAF - Lisbon


Drucker Forum- Vienna WAF- Liston 12 Weeks Master Class


Name Change New Board & Members

Our Mission

The COL engages in the following types of activities in pursuance of its purpose

The COL will foster aglity, bring humanity, discovery and enlightenment to help organizations evolve into 21st Century practices

Obtain and provide support for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations conducting research, education, or other outreach programs and related concepts and their impact on workplace organizational theory.

Sponsor educational conferences that advance research and study of the cause and nature of high- performing organ and related concepts

Sponsor educational webinars, podcasts, seminars and other outreach activities that educate the public on the world's most advanced organizational, leadership and management goals, principles and practices related concepts.

Collaborate with educational institutions to promote educational programs that advance excellence in the workplace using approaches.

Develop methods for disseminating information and sharing literature with the public by various methods such as presentations, websites, newsletters, an online library of case sales-o-one support using online and social media platforms for education and coaching.

Our Goals

Our Principal goals


2024 COL Goals

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International Communities of Practice

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Thought Practice and Gatherings

Our History

Our History